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How to get the most out of your conditioner bar

How to get the most out of your conditioner bar

So you finally made the switch and now you are struggling to figure out how to use the conditioner bar.

Don't worry, we have all the tips to tricks to help you with your transition and make it a smooth one! There are two main methods we recommend when using the bars with long hair.

Method #1: Activate the bar by rubbing it under warm water and scrubbing it in between your hands.

This will make the bar activated and "warmed up" so it will be easier to apply more product when in use. Then take the bar and rub it directly onto your scalp firmly down the length of your hair. Flip your hair to one side and holding the bar in between your hands, scrub and slide the bar through your hair. Once you are happy with how much product is on your hair, set the bar down and rub it all in. Rinse!

Method #2: Use a sisal bag to extract the product

This is a great tool to create the friction the bar needs easily to get more product out. Keep in mind your bar will NOT LAST AS LONG using this method, partially because it works so good and getting more product out from the bar. Place the bar in the bag and get it all nice and wet. Scrub it in your hands. Rub the bag directly onto your hair. Repeat as many times as necessary. Rinse!

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